Are Fast Cash Home Sales Worth It?

For people who need to sell their homes quickly without the fuss of the traditional home sales process, a sale to a fast cash home buyer may be worth it. In certain circumstances, selling to a cash home buying company can save you time and money.

The Process

Cash home buying companies are in the business of buying homes for cash and then reselling or repurposing them. They often buy homes that need repairs and are hard to sell on the market. People who need to sell quickly because of financial problems or those needing to move quickly will also choose cash home buying companies.

The process is simple. You contact the company with basic information about your home. They return a cash offer within a day or two, and then you can close on the house within a couple of weeks.

The Comparison

A cash sale can be much quicker than a traditional home sale because it eliminates waiting for third parties. Your home is not listed on the market, so you don’t need to fix it up for photographs that will be posted on the internet. You don’t have to host public showings and open houses.

During the closing process of a traditional sale, you have to wait for the buyers to finalize their financing. Your home has to undergo a home inspection and appraisal, and if problems are found, there may be delays or renegotiations. That doesn’t happen with a cash sale.

The Benefits

You may have heard that cash-buying companies will offer less than market value. That can be true in some cases, and if your house is in pristine condition and located in a hot market, and you have time to wait, you might be better off trying to list it.

But considering the expense of repairs and other closing costs in a traditional sale, you can come out ahead by selling to a cash home buying company. Keep in mind, cash sales don’t charge commission.

To decide whether a fast cash home sale is for you, first consider your individual needs. The main benefits of selling your home to a cash home buying company are speed and simplicity. If those are your priorities, then a cash sale may be worth it for you. 

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