What Repairs Are Needed for a Cash Buyer?

If you’ve sold a home before, you know the drill: you have to fix it up and clean it, or you may not get any offers to buy or the deal could possibly fall through at closing. But if you sell to a cash buying company, there’s no worry and no expense—the cash buyer will buy your home with no repairs needed.

No Major Repairs

Sometimes a house has been neglected for some time, because the owners are ill or elderly or because they don’t have the money for regular maintenance. Often, an inherited house will come with serious problems, like a water damage, a sagging roof, or a broken furnace, which can result in thousands of dollars in repair.

None of this matters to a cash buyer. They will buy the home “as is” with full knowledge that these problems exist. In fact, that’s their specialty: they buy distressed homes, fix them up, and resell them.

Forget Minor Issues

If you’re going to list your home on the market, you have to address those minor issues that potential buyers notice and reject. These are small things like faded paint, broken blinds, drippy faucets, and carpet stains. Fixing these issues can be time-consuming and expensive. 

You can forget about these small issues. The cash buyer doesn’t care if your house is badly decorated or needs upgrades. You’ll still get a cash offer for your home within 24 hours.

Ignore Cleaning Up

With a traditional sale, you have to do a deep cleaning of your home and keep it presentable for the entire time it’s open for showings. Your sales agent will recommend that you declutter and even put some items in storage. 

In selling your home for cash, you don’t have to invest time or money into cleaning up. Since there are no showings, you can take your time packing up. And if you leave the house less than sparkling clean, the cash buyer will be okay with that.

In short, no repairs at all are needed for a cash sale. Since the house will never be photographed or shown to the public, you don’t have to make it look nice. To a cash buyer, an “as is” sale means no work for you.

If you have a home in the Atlanta area you’d like to sell quickly and with no fuss, click here to get started. 

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