What’s the Process for a Cash Home Sale?

Cash home sales are growing in popularity as an alternative to selling a house on the open market. Although cash home buying companies are located all over the country, many homeowners are still a little unclear about how the process works. Selling a home for cash is really quite simple.

The Preparation

Traditionally, preparing a home to sell takes time, money, and work. To show a home to the public, it must be in great condition and look appealing to prospective buyers. Homeowners can sink thousands of dollars into fixing up their homes for sale.

By contrast, cash home buying companies will purchase your home just as it is. They don’t require repairs, and they don’t care how it looks. In some cases, they’ll clean up the mess you leave behind.

The Offer

Waiting for an offer is another downside of the traditional home sale. You have to be ready at any time for a showing, and you could have dozens of people walking through your house before any of them are willing to make an offer.

With a cash home buying company, the offer process is easy. You just contact them with a little information about your house. Then, they meet briefly with you and, ultimately, return your cash offer within a day or so. Each offer comes with zero obligations. 

The Closing

The closing process can be particularly stressful in a traditional sale. Buyers usually have to secure financing, and that can take weeks. There’s often a chance that the sale will fall through. Then, when you sign the papers, you give up 5 to 7% of the proceeds from the sale as commission.

Cash home buyers don’t need financing because they already have the funds on hand to buy your home. They also don’t charge commissions. The closing can take place within a couple of weeks, and you walk away with the amount of money you were offered.

It’s easy to see the appeal of selling a house to a cash home buyer. The process requires less work and expense for the seller, and much less worry and stress. For homeowners who wish to sell quickly, or who have a home they can’t afford to repair or don’t want to bother with, selling to a cash home buying company is an attractive option.

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